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Group Fee – Full Year – $700
** $650 if a parent volunteers 1 shift at ShowFest 2019 **

Fee covers: musical arrangements, guest clinicians, choreographer fees, contest fees, props, show choir costume rental, garment bag rental & set pieces trip costs and show band fees.

Accessories not included: make up, shoes, tights, undergarments, hair pieces etc.

May 25th – $75 deposit
August 15th – $100 Fall Concert performance outfit payment
September 30th – $175($350 of total fee) due for outfits for Christmas and Contest Season – students who have not paid $400 by this date will not be guaranteed outfits to arrive for performance on time.
November 16th – $200 blocking / Choreography payment – Students not paid up to $500 of total fee will be in jeopardy of not being blocked in show.
January 21st – $100 due Final Payment of total $650
February 8th – $50 Cincinnati trip fee – **free if parent works a shift at ShowFest 2019.

Select a payment option below. Type in your student’s name above the option you select. If you select “Make a Payment” button, you will type in the dollar amount you wish to pay. “Set Up Recurring Payments” allows you to select a recurring amount that will be automatically billed.

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