Heritage Singers & Sensations  Varsity Show Choir Contract

Information & Contract Agreement for 2020-2021 Competition Year

The purpose of this contract is to give you an explanation as to the commitment that you and your family are agreeing to with the acceptance of a position in either or both the Heritage Singers or Sensations Show Choir(s) for the 2020-2021 school year.  We will make every effort to keep you informed so you will always know what is going on and what is expected.  Below you will find the average cost to be in this group, along with the average rehearsal and contest days that will be involved.   Before the school year ends, fundraising and other means of earning money for the year will become available.  By signing the second page of this agreement, you are making a commitment for the entire year, and will be responsible for completing payments, and will assist the group when needed at events throughout the year.  A deposit of $50 is due at the time of your returned contract on May 25th.


HERITAGE SINGERS & SENSATIONS- Full $750 – ($900  if a student does not have a parent / adult volunteer for 1 shift at ShowFest 2021)

**Families must have all outstanding balances from the previous year paid by August 1st, 2020

  • May 25th – $50 deposit
  • June 15th – $100
  • July 15th- $100
  • August 15th – $100
  • September 15th – $100  (fee payments must be up to date in order to receive t-shirt for the Fall concert)
  • October 15th -$100
  • November 15th – $100 ($650 of total fee due for outfits for Christmas concert) – Students who are not up to date with fees will by Dec. 15th will be blocked out of the competition season set until fees are caught up or arrangement has been made with the CBO.
  • December 15th – $50 for Naperville trip
  • January 22nd– $50 for fee and $50 for Naperville trip
  • February 15th – $50 for fee and balance for Naperville trip
  • March 15th-$150 if parent did not participate or help at ShowFest 2021

**Students who participate in both Sensations and Heritage Singers (doublers) will pay full price for one show choir and $350 for the second choir. The $350 will cover the cost of outfits, choreography, travel, and arrangement fees.  Sensations/Heritage Doublers would add $35 to each payment of  the payment schedule above. 

Doublers who double Legacy would need to add $150 to cover costs of outfits, choreography, travel, and arrangement fees. Legacy Doublers would add $15 to each payment of the payment schedule above. 


Accessory and trip costs not included:  make-up, shoes, tights, undergarments, hair pieces, etc 

**Heritage and Sensations members do not need to pay a Concert Choir fee.

These dates detail important payment deadlines.  It is suggested that payments be made on a monthly basis so that no one will fall behind. Please communicate if you have a special concern or request and arrangements will be made if possible.  Communication is key!  Financial aid is available for those that have a need.  Please talk with Debbie Baldridge to get information. Due to the current social distancing environment all May- July fees need to paid online at FCHSchoirs.com. Payments may also be brought in and deposited in the choir room’s payment box once school begins.  Cash payments made during the school year are highly discouraged but will be accepted; however, no receipt will be given.  Any requests for paper bills must be made to the Treasurer. P.O. Box and choir room payment box and safe  will be checked once a week. Students that withdraw from participation for any reason will still be responsible for covering their portion of the costs for the entirety of the year.  (the FULL amount of $750 if before the start of second Semester, $900 if after the start of second Semester.

Rehearsals and Contests:

Rehearsals will be two to three times weekly.  Additional rehearsals will be added as necessary.  A Summer Camp will be held from July 20th-24th, with our team build carwash on that Saturday the 25th from 9:00-2:00. This camp and carwash are mandatory.  All absences must be given prior to May 29th.  All given contest dates should be reserved for show choir contests/rehearsals.  Unexcused rehearsal absences will incur a 5% semester grade penalty per absences.   Unexcused performance absences will incur a 2 letter grade penalty of entire semester grade.  Students must follow the absence guidelines and procedures as explained in the FCHS choir handbook.  Work related absences will not be excused.  Refer to handbook for excused and unexcused absences.

Parental Involvement:

Parents are expected to become active members of the C.B.O. (Choir Booster Organization), which assists with supporting your students throughout the year in a variety of ways.  Parents are required to assist at ShowFest 2021 and highly encouraged to be willing to assist in other areas. Parents who are not a FCSC employee must submit a background check form after July 1st of the school year in order to be eligible to help as a choir parent.

2020-2021 Heritage Singers & Sensations Varsity Show Choir  Commitment Contract

I have reviewed and understand the financial requirements for my son/daughter to participate in Heritage or Sensations Show Choir for the 2020-2021 school year. I understand that the commitment involved with a Varsity Show Choir is both a time commitment and a financial commitment.  

I understand the financial and fundraising obligations to which I must adhere and hereby agree to abide by and fulfill all of these obligations. I agree to make my payments on time and pay all amounts in full by the dates found within the 2020 – 2021 Heritage and Sensations Varsity Show Choir Contract.  

I understand that fundraising is a mandatory part of being in the Heritage or Sensations Show Choir.  As a parent/guardian I will actively support my student in their fundraising efforts and I am responsible for my child’s account if they are unable to raise the fees with fundraising.

If circumstances arise that impact my ability to support or meet my financial obligations to the organization, I understand I should contact the Show Choir Director, Michael Hummel; the Booster President, Debbie Baldridge to discuss options. The goal of this discussion will be to develop a strategy to address the issue and remain in good standing. 

I am making a full commitment to Heritage or Sensations for the entire school year of 2020-2021.  Breaking school or Franklin Choir rules set up by Mr. Hummel, such as drinking, smoking, drugs, attendance, inappropriate social media use, poor grades, or discipline problems, will result in termination from the organization, and all money in my student account will remain with the FCHS Choral Boosters. No refunds will be given for credits on student accounts. .  I understand that if I withdraw or must be removed from either the Heritage Singers or Sensations Show Choir at any time during the 2020-2021 school year, I will be responsible to cover the full amount of my student’s participation costs of $750. ($900  if a student does not have a parent / adult volunteer for 1 shift at does ShowFest 2021). 

All payments will be paid to FCHS Choral Boosters in a timely manner and any financial matters/hardships will be communicated to the treasurer of the boosters.  I understand the payment schedule and will make payments in a timely manner regardless of receiving a statement from FCHS Choral Boosters.  I understand that if my account is negligent or tardy, my student/I may be withheld from receiving their performance outfits and may not be blocked into the contest show. 

By signing this agreement I am giving FCHS Choral Boosters permission to use my likeness in any promotion, website, or other literature produced.

This contract, along with your $50 deposit,  is due by May 25th before your student will officially become a member of the 2020-2021 Heritage or Sensations Show Choir.  

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